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Protects PCs from malware threats while keeping the performance intact
waheed Ashna — 4 years ago
it,s good working tnx
venancio s pena — 6 years ago
I have downloaded the AVF antivirus for years and it's quite good than any other PC protector.
DanialFarish — 6 years ago
Is this antivirus really free?
Muhammad Waqas — 9 years ago
Guest — 10 years ago
Speedy connection
Guest — 10 years ago
It's awesome
Guest — 10 years ago
One of the best program for protection
Jecko Development — 10 years ago
Very high protection level!
Guest — 10 years ago
Es Bueno. No incorpora errores detectados. Es Freeware.
Anand Swaroop — 10 years ago
avg free is the best antivirus according to me and also it is very easy to use
hagar koteb — 10 years ago
It is so powerfull
italotoffolo — 10 years ago
4 Stars
bearbottoms — 10 years ago
AVG has become bloated and troublesome. It's detection rates fall well behind that of MSE, Panda Cloud Antivirus, AVAST, Avira, and RISING AV. AVG falls off the radar.
Sundaram — 10 years ago
Completely free Antivirus tool. Very effective for sometime back.
Guest — 10 years ago
I'ts great anti virus
Klaus Mack — 10 years ago
Very good, for a free program
checca — 10 years ago
I think its the best,great AVGyou make my life(in pc)very easy.thank you AVG
Guest — 11 years ago
John Bolton — 11 years ago
Performs as well as expensive alternatives
muhammad ikram ch — 11 years ago
it's super
Guest — 11 years ago
it's too good
Guest — 11 years ago
Free, all I've never needed for virus protection scanner
Guest — 11 years ago
crapware, avoid this program.
Guest — 11 years ago
free all in one antivirus software
ida dubrofsky — 11 years ago
very accurate
Armo Karu — 11 years ago
good and free
Guest — 11 years ago
It works
Apoorva Zope — 11 years ago
Amongst all free anti-viruses AVG is the Best...!!!
Guest — 11 years ago
A first class anti virus program
BF — 11 years ago
titas — 11 years ago
not bad
Guest — 11 years ago
the best ever! thank you
ducati999 — 11 years ago
easiest on the computer and budget
Jason — 11 years ago
Would be 5 stars if not for annoying ads that pop up once in a while.
luckydog — 11 years ago
Best virus scanner available, and it is free!
Michael — 11 years ago
amazing antivirus
sam — 11 years ago
as give security of types
Kristian — 11 years ago
It doesn't detect some viruses, worms and or spywares. Like a few Trojan Horses that pass and didn't filtered by the Antivirus.
Guest — 11 years ago
because its of the care meashin
Guest — 11 years ago
it is fast and simple and easy to use
TeogopkA — 11 years ago
it`s the best anti virus program ever
ajho — 11 years ago
not that good for me
Derek M Bond — 11 years ago
Very user friendly program and detailed information that assists you in making the correct settings.
Guest — 11 years ago
this a good antivirus
Alexander — 12 years ago
very good
Guest — 12 years ago
best work
Marsha Brazzleton — 12 years ago
avg helps me to keep my comp clean
ahmed — 12 years ago
it easy to work
Guest — 12 years ago
it's an awesome program to have ^_______^ .. great job guys .. ^^'
Paulo Pereira — 12 years ago
Guest — 12 years ago
Great antivirus
sandy — 12 years ago
it is very fast
Guest — 12 years ago
Cleans the Windows XP Registry very good.
David MacPhee — 12 years ago
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