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AVG AntiVirus Free

Effective and fast real time virus protection and e-mail scanner
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AVG Free 7.5 is one of the best free antivirus toolkits available. It features a scan scheduler, a resident scanner, e-mail scanner, a virus vault repository, an update manager, and some other free tools for full antivirus system protection. It even integrates into your mail application transparently.

AVG Free will integrate with Outlook and will stamp each of your incoming and outgoing e-mail messages with a virus free certificate including the virus database date and version.

It has an update manager, which will automatically connect to the Internet and download any program updates, patches, and virus definition files.

The program's resident shield will armor your computer against any virus in real time. Any virus found will trigger a dialogue box where the user will be able to choose weather to erase the infected file, heal it, or send it to the Virus Vault. Once in the Virus Vault, you can track which viruses were detected and when.

The scheduler will allow you to program full or partial scans and event triggers on your system without you having to be in front of your computer. AVG will launch any event, complete it and report the results to you.

AVG is very simple to install and use. Novice and experts will find a great antivirus tool in AVG Free. Best of all, its free!

Carlos Bazan
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  • Free software, free upgrades
  • Transparent e-mail integration


  • Basic protection only
  • No technical support
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